What is a Bug Out Bag?

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In the most simplest terms, Bug Out Bag (BOB) is a backpack filled with essential and personal gear specifically designed to allow you to survive for a prolong amount of time (usually 3 days) during an emergency situation by only using the contents of your bag and your ability to function during a crisis. The pack should be designed to get you through an emergency situation for at least 3 days with ease. This is why, at times, Bug Out Bags are also called 72 Hour Bag, Go Bag and GOOD (Get Out of Dodge Bag). 

The Actual Backpack

Step 1. Pick the Correct Backpack.

What to look for when choosing the correct BOB:

1. Quality of the Overall Backpack - Do your research! Read people's reviews online. You are looking for a high quality, rugged and versatile backpack that can help you survive an emergency lasting up to 72 hours.
2. Shoulder Straps - The quality of the straps. Will the Shoulder Straps make it easier for you to carry a heavy load? It is comfortable to wear?
3. Zippers - Zipper break even on the most expensive backpacks however cheaper backpack tend to have the cheapest zippers.
4. Fabric of the Pack - Strong Nylon, Weather resistant, Water Resistant or Water Repentant? In my opinion, it is more important to have a strong fabric than a water resistant one.
5. Molly Webbing - This will allow you to add additional pouches to the pack making it much bigger.
6. Hydration Bladder - Almost all backpack come with a hydration sleeve but you must purchase the bladder separately.

Contents of the Backpack

Picking and choosing the contents of your Bug Out Bag is a personal journey. It takes few tries to get it right. There are number of books and workshops that teach you how to plan out the contents of your BOB. After all, during an emergency you should be able to stay hydrated, have enough food to survive without starving to death, be able to built a shelter, have change of clothes, own a set of basic tools, first aid and medical kits and finally supplies to keep your personal hygiene intact.

Step 2. Choose the Correct Gear for our Pack.

Thank of the contents of your bag in these terms:
1. Water/Food - Water is the most important factor in survival. In order to survive you need at least 1 liter of water per day. If you are serious you should consider water purification products.
2. Shelter/Sleeping - Do you have a sleeping bag or a compact lightweight tent?
3. Tools/Gear - Knife, lighter, waterproof matches, maps, emergency whistle, Binoculars/Monocular, can opener, compass, flashlight, etc.
4. First Aid Kits/Personal Medications - Learn how dress a wound and carry enough supply to allow you to do so.
5. Change of Clothes - Body Temperate is very important try to maintain optimal temperature through clothing. 
6. Personal Hygiene - Toothbrush/Toothpaste, Soap, Sun Block, Towel.
7. Administrative items: Money, Documents

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