Calling All Treasure Hunters! - What is Geocaching?

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Find it, Hide it, Log it!

Geocaching: real-world treasure hunting.

Geocaching is a treasure hunting game, where players attempt to find containers (caches) that other participants have hid all over the world. No need to bring physical maps because participants use GPS or mobile devices to receive set of GPS coordinates of where the hidden containers are. Geocachers access the coordinates of where the treasure troves are hidden on various websites.

Yes, the caches are hidden all around the world!


This is an exciting activity where geocoachers can seek the treasures either individually or better yet divide in groups and try to see who gets to the destination first. Once the caches are found, each container contains a log where geocachers are encouraged to write in the date they found it and sign it. If you decide to take something from the containers, be sure to add something else to it so that others can also enjoy the thrill of finding a "treasure chest." It is also very important to leave the caches in exactly the same spot where it is found for other geocachers won't be able to find them later on.  


Here are some very interesting ways individuals have disguised their containers.

Via Flicker

Via Groundspeak

Go on, unleash your inner "Columbus" and try geocaching - we have all the bags that will help you complete your mission!

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