What is Airsoft You Ask?

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Well, it's sort of like Hunger Games (but better) - with hard plastic "bullets!" However, instead of hormonal teenagers fighting it out, in Airsoft talented men and women divide up in teams and try to eliminate one another in urban combat. Airsoft is a serious sport with spectators and a strict code of conduct. In order to win, players must understand military strategy and tactics. It takes a man to enter the battle ground. No Wimps Here!

Check out this awesome video by Spears Milsim - Video Link

For bystanders, the game looks like a real battlefield since Airsoft players usually dress in military uniforms, carry replica firearms that fire non-metallic pellets, and have all the necessary tactical gear to scare a terrorist. As with any hobby, Airsoft can get expensive.

Here is a beginners list of what kind of gear you need to start.

1. Airsoft Rifles, Pistols, Sniper Rifles, Machine Guns, Shotguns: The point of the game is to "blow away" your opponents! You have to have a solid Airsoft weapon to get the job done! You should actually get more than one. These weapons are available for sale in a variety of prices, styles and options.

There are 4 different types of Airsoft Guns

  1. Electric Airsoft Guns - These are the most common Airsoft guns and are powered by Ni-Cd, Ni-MH or Li-PO Rechargeable.
  2. Green Gas Airsoft Guns - These are powered by Green Gas Cans.
  3. C02 Airsoft Guns - These are powered by small C02 canisters.
  4. Spring Airsoft Guns -  This type of Airsoft guns are meant for beginners. These are powered by a spring that must be cocked back after every shot.

2. Chest Rigs: If you are going to play, you must have a way to carry all your gear on you the whole time. There are few different options for this: MOLLE Chest Rigs, Plate Carriers or Vests.

    MOLLE Chest Rigs: The MOLLE Chest Rigs have heavyweight MOLLE webbing for modular attachments. The webbing allows Airsoft players to attach modular pouches where ever they wish. Most of the time the modular pouch attached to the Chest Rigs are magazine pouches.

      Chest Rigs Modular Attachment


        Tactical Lock & Load Chest Rigs: Some Chest Rigs have built in stacker style magazine pouches. Most magazine pouches have push button release buckles for easy access to BBs.


          4. MOLLE Pouches: There is absolutely nothing worst than having an empty magazine, thus Airsoft players need magazine pouches to store all their additional magazines. During the game, they need easy and fast access to additional magazines.

          In addition, when you are in the middle of an intense game you don't want to lose any of your mags so it is important to get pouches that have adjustable hook and loop flaps to ensure you don't lose anything while running around. 

          This doesn't mean that you don't need other tactical pouches as you become better and better at the game for your additional gear.

          5. Airsoft Magazines/BBs: Speed is important! If you are not fast at reloading your gun you will cost everybody the game. Therefore, it is important to have reloadable magazines ready to go.

          5. Combat Pants/Shirt: Well, come on every Airsoft player needs some tactical pants and shirts.

          6. Tactical Gloves: Some will say this is extra, but I personally think investing in a good pair of gloves is well worth it.

          7. Head Gear: There are some sick head gear for Airsoft.

          8. Backpacks: Of course, every Airsoft player needs an awesome and lightweight packs to carry their gear. When purchasing a pack for Airsoft players, keep in mind that most players don't carry a full featured pack on them during the game. Full featured packs are usually used by Airsoft players to carry gear to and from the Airsoft field location.

          Thus, when purchasing a pack for Airsoft players, we strongly suggest getting a "Tacticool" pack which can also be used as a general purpose pack, everyday carry bag and or a range bag. This way you can use the pack more often and not only for Airsoft!

          If you are looking for a quality, tacticool bags and packs check out our collection of backpacks. Our bags can and will help you stay organized and keep you in the lead on the "battlefield."


          Carry all your essential gear with you to the field.

          *All the images of the gear are from Condor Outdoors. One of our awesome partners.


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