Meat Popsicle Morale Patch - ACU Dark
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Meat Popsicle Morale Patch - ACU Dark

Mil-Spec Monkey

  • $ 4.50

The proper response if someone asks what you are classified as, happens to fit on name tape zones as well. This term is of course more amusing if you have seen Fifth Element. This funny morale patch is very durable and well made. The stitching is excellent and it is guaranteed to get all kinds of interesting comments. The Meat Popsicle morale embroidered patch has clear lettering and great craftsmanship.

Dimensions: 3.75" x 1" - Hook Velcro sewn on the back

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Express your individuality with our collection of Morale Patches, Embroidered Patches, Velcro Morale Patches, Tactical Morale Patches, Military Morale Patches, and Humorous Morale Patches! Put them on all of your gear: Hats, Jacket, Fleece, Vests, and Backpacks! This Patch is made by Mil-Spec Monkey.

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